Premier System X6.2 v16.8.1199 Multilanguage ISO

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Premier System X6.2 v16.8.1199 Multilanguage ISO

Premier System X6.2 v16.8.1199 Multilanguage ISO

Premier System X6.2 v16.8.1199 Multilanguage ISO | 1.25 GB

Premier System X6.2 is a complex economic software (ERP system) specifically designed for small and medium businesses (SMB). The range of PREMIER system modules covers all business agendas (economy, trade and services, HR, production, engineering, etc.

) and in combination with extension modules and specialized solutions forms a compact structure suiting practically any industry and any type of business. An advanced and complete economic software (original Windows application) whose unique graphic design and ergonomic environment offer a wide number of options to suit the program to individual needs and requirements of the client.
The system modularity allows clients to choose a variant best meeting their requirements for an information system. Thus especially small businesses (individual users) can find advantageous categories and packages that can serve as a basis for future extension depending on the growth of their business. The high level of universality and comprehensiveness predetermine that the program is applicable in any branch of business.
By choosing the PREMIER system software you choose reliability, high-quality performance, immediate availability of information, and - first and foremost - general growth of your business. The quality implementation and development are based on the Company's ISO 9001 certification.
- Over 10 year PREMIER system has worked its way up to the head of software products for small and medium sized businesses
- With its portfolio of almost 1650 clients (approx. 8-9 thousand licenses) PREMIER system belongs to those which rank among most widespread software products in the Czech Republic
- Genuine Czech software closely connected to the up-to-date legislation and supporting the latest technologies
- Quality comes through the customers' satisfaction - references
- Extremely easy to use and well-arranged screens
- Principle of nesting and minimum number of function keys
- Control options: mouse and keyboard
- Hotkeys of the user's choice for the most frequent tasks and modules
- Window-oriented program (more than one open window at a time)
- Exceptional graphic environment and excellent ergonomy
- Does not require a high-level user; minimum training costs
- Easy installation carries minimum implementation costs
- Easy administration of the program incl. remote administration
- Stable running does not require constant maintenance
- Branch office data on-line processing using the terminal server Growth in clients in 1999-2005
The pillar of the PREMIER system success is the know-how and professional approach to needs of the large client portfolio. From its very outset, the Company's priority is the client-centred and individual approach and flexible response to the client's requests, suggestions, and changes in its working processes. The system openness enables fast implementation of changes, incl. automatic update over the Internet. The system offers a variety of tools to accommodate user's needs: creation of view modes and view gallery, definable and unlimited number of output reports, automatic generation of printout reports according to defined view modes, user preferences, and a sophisticated system of access rights. The product features fast and easy adaptability to legislative changes, development, and client's needs.
- Perfect linkage between all modules integrated into one compact structure,
mutual check between agendas, special linkage between related documents
- Up-to-date user environment concept and ergonomy
- Compatible with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
- Advantageous price compared to those of competitors' in the same category
of software; the best price-performance ratio
- Non-conventional process procedures - ergonomic and graphic excellence
- Above-standard features and a wide variety of expansion modules - products
- Exports to external formats: *.doc, *.pdf, *.html, *. jpg, and *. xml
- Open solutions - two-way homebanking (all banks in the Czech Republic,
factoring, EDI format)
- Independent of one operating system - Microsoft, Linux, Novell
- Inbuilt database - no need to buy a database machine
- Reliable performance in network configuration, easy to interconnect
with remote branch offices, terminal server
Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10


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