GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 22 Build 4005 (x64) | Windows x64

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GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 22 Build 4005 (x64) | Windows x64

GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 22 Build 4005 (x64) | Windows x64

GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 22 Build 4005 (x64) | Windows x64 | Languages: English | File Size: 2.24 GB | 485.36 MB

ARCHICAD 22 delivers design tool improvements and introduces enhanced design workflow processes. These represent significant performance improvements and productivity enhancements to its core design processes as well as to multidisciplinary collaborative workflows.

Facade Design
ARCHICAD's remastered Faade Design workflow enables architects to design, develop and detail hierarchical curtain wall systems with great freedom using modular patterns. The design happens with a natural graphical input in the most natural design environment in 3D or 2D elevations, while ARCHICAD ensures the curtain wall system is structurally correct and adheres to local requirements for documenting and listing.

Faster & smoother 2D navigation
ARCHICAD 22 introduces significant performance improvements, focusing on a smooth and truly responsive 2D panning and zooming navigation experience for projects of any size.

Parametric Custom Profiles
ARCHICAD 22s Parametric Custom Profiles combines the power of parametric design with the freedom of graphical profile creation.

Expression Based Properties
ARCHICAD 22 allows you to use logical expressions to derive new properties and property values that depend on the elements own parameters. This new function greatly enriches the information -- or I component of BIM. Its automatic workflow lets you define any calculation rule as an element property value and update it automatically, without time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.

Productivity and Workflow Enhancements
ARCHICAD 22 brings several productivity improvements, providing easier and more intuitive building design, faster and more precise construction documentation, more accurate schedules and cost estimation.

Release Notes:
What's New in ARCHICAD 22:

A newly revamped Curtain Wall tool provides powerful capabilities for facade design masters using either traditional or algorithmic-based design methodology. In addition, GRAPHISOFT intros new patent-pending Machine Learning algorithms to speed up BIM.

GRAPHISOFT has introduced the new ARCHICAD 22 and the annual update features significant improvements in all areas of BIM, including construction modeling, information management, and 2D performance. Importantly, ARCHICAD 22 improves the architectural design and documentation of building facades, one of architectures most sophisticated and complex tasks.

New in ARCHICAD 22:
GRAPHISOFT has remastered Facade Design workflows with a completely rewritten Curtain Wall tool. Useable on both external and internal building facades, architects can use modular structures with hierarchy and repeatable and custom patterns to rapidly produce complex and sophisticated facades. Importantly, the newly revamped Curtain Wall tool features integration with algorithmic design workflows utilizing GRAPHISOFTS industry-leading ARCHICAD-Grasshopper-Connection (AGC). The new Curtain Wall tool also works with traditional (non-algorithmic) methods as well.

Design is what architects love most about their work. ARCHICAD 22s revamped Curtain Wall tool makes designing building faades a true graphical experience for architects with its modular pattern editor, said Peter Temesvari, Director of Product Management at GRAPHISOFT. The most powerful thing about our new Faade Design workflow is that it covers the entire design workflow from concept through design development to documentation supporting local standards all 100% BIM.

An enhanced Profile Editor makes it simple to create intelligent profiles for the elements of architecture columns, beams, and walls controlling their shapes and sizes and their cross-section via BIM parameters.
Patent-Pending Machine Learning at GRAPHISOFT

Machine Learning is a branch of computer science that utilizes statistical methods to learn with data without being directly told (explicit instructions) what to do through programming. In GRAPHISOFTs patent-pending case, it appears the company has developed an ML algorithm that statistically optimizes how to intelligently utilize multiple cores of a computers CPU. These cores are smartly anticipating the needs of the user when panning, zooming, and navigation.

This new Machine Learning (ML) technique builds on GRAPHISOFTs prior work in the area of Predictive Background Processing by trying to guess intelligently what the user is going to do next and preparing them in the background. A video shown below explains these technologies in a side-by-side comparison of AC 21 and AC 22.

Other New Features:
ARCHICAD 22 features a brand new Expression Defined Properties capability. By using mathematical expressions in interrogating data (or information) in BIM, ARCHICAD 22 powers up the meaning of I in BIM by allowing users to solve for information in new ways across the BIM. For example, its possible to solve for the actual number of bricks in a building. It is possible to solve for items not just in counts, lineal dimensions, areas, and volumes but also by angular units.

ARCHICAD 22 also utilizes the latest CineRender engine from sister company Maxon (R19) for improved rendering qualities and faster render output, but also for creating stereoscopic or 360-degree spherical renderings.

Teamwork experiences are improved due to a faster element reservation, and an improvement has been made to exporting building component information from composite skins and complex profiles using OPEN BIM standards. These are the highlight new features in ARCHICAD 22 but there are many more.

Release Notes:
The Update 4005 contains various enhancements and fixes since the original release of ARCHICAD 22.
249325 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed with circular columns using a building material with Fit to Skin set.
249826 CRASH: Changing Model View Options of elements, commonly skylights, with a certain combination of Renovation Filter options could result in a crash.
249162 CRASH: Copy-pasting between Interior Elevations could cause errors and crashes.
245293 CRASH: On macOS High Sierra ARCHICAD 22 handles video cards better. On macOS Sierra the Multisample anti-aliasing function is still disabled (if a 4K display is connected) to avoid performance issues or crash.
247002 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed in certain files when the user opened Attribute Manager.
248802 DOCUMENT/CRASH: If an Interactive Element Schedule included missing criteria, replacing a line type in Attribute Manager resulted in crash.
246717 DOCUMENT/CRASH: Some railings caused the door schedule to crash.
247645 DOCUMENT/OPEN/SPEED: The refresh of object screen representations (object icons) was not optimized; this contributed to performance issues with large projects.
249329 DOCUMENT: Field Part of Current Issue was missing from criteria for Index Settings / Layouts (Sheet Index).
239636 DOCUMENT: Formatting of area values with square feet was not correct in the Schedule, if the chart was placed on the Layout.
248641 DOCUMENT: Hot spot disappeared if the user zoomed out too much.
248633 DOCUMENT: It was impossible to use a library part parameter as criteria for an Interactive Schedule.
248316 DOCUMENT: Scale was not considered when calculating true line weight of migrated schedules. This often made lines appear more thick than they should be.
245238 DOCUMENT: Sheet index stopped following the Layout book order.
250409 DOCUMENT: The any composite criteria in the ARCHICAD 22 Schedule was implemented incorrectly.
244745 DOCUMENT: The Marked Distant effect didn't work properly.
246024 DOCUMENTATION: Render of 3D axonometry zoomed out during rendering.
249399 EDIT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed after changing Renovation Filter settings, if Lines were categorized as Skin Separators.
248805 EDIT/CRASH: The Curtain Wall frame contained an incorrectly mapped IFC Property and could crash ARCHICAD when editing the frame in the settings dialog.
249095 EDIT/CRASH: The Curtain Wall profile property failed to address all options and could crash ARCHICAD when switching to the Frames panel.
249450 EDIT/MODEL: 3D window hotspots for doors and windows in ARCHICAD 22 were not available, if the window and door model elements were unchecked in Filter and Cut Elements in 3D.
246304 EDIT/MODEL: A change of the Section Status affected the Cut Fill of New Elements, if the New Element's Renovation Filter was overridden.
250265 EDIT: A level dimension was deleted when Search and Replace found matching text in it.
247854 EDIT: Search functions did not work with double-byte characters in JPN version of ARCHICAD.
248768 FILE/EXPORT/BIMx: Surfaces with names longer than 31 bytes exported incorrectly to BIMx.
248638 FILE/IFC/EXPORT/EDIT: After applying SEO on profiled sheet 21, the object is not visible in the IFC export.
232030 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Circular zone boundaries were not exported to IFC correctly and large room separators were observed in Revit 2017 where the IFC file was opened.
246949 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: IFC import crashed for some projects that contained slab opening cuts which were as large as the entire slab polygon.
247623 FILE/OPEN/CRASH: Some projects using revision management, crashed on migration to ARCHICAD 22.
246098 FILE/OPEN/FREEZE: ARCHICAD start-up took more than a minute, if CineRender start-up was delayed due slow operating system calls.
243178 FILE/OPEN/GDL: When an ARCHICAD 21 project was migrated to version 22, migration process failed on some parts of Stair Favorites.
249813 FILE/OPEN/MODEL: If a project was opened with ARCHICAD 22, the content under a stair's default settings dialog was inconsistent.
248355 HOTLINK/CRASH: Railing modifications crashed ARCHICAD during the Hotlink update process.
246114 HOTLINK/CRASH: Third party add-on modifications crashed ARCHICAD during the Hotlink update process.
250512 MODEL/CRASH: If a railing of certain geometry was reloaded, ARCHICAD crashed.
248117 MODEL/CRASH: Some curtain walls that originated in ARCHICAD 20 crashed ARCHICAD 22 while being edited.
243380 MODEL: 3D explore mode noticeably dropped too many objects to maintain a reasonable rendering performance.
249265 MODEL: ARCHICAD was unable to import/export attributes correctly that contained add-on data.
248586 MODEL: Single Floor Marquee operation affected the elements on other floors.
246856 MODEL: When a stair's flight and landing had tread gaps of different size, connection between flight and landing was incorrect.
248278 MODELING: The floor plan did not refresh automatically after changing renovation filters.
250533 PERFORMANCE: On macOS High Sierra ARCHICAD 22 handles video cards better. On macOS Sierra the Multisample anti-aliasing function is still disabled (if a 4K display is connected) to avoid performance issues or crash.
250959 SPEED: ARCHICAD 22 3D performance was slower compared to ARCHICAD 21.
247437 SPEED: ARCHICAD was becoming slower and slower the more detail/documentation was produced.
248924 TEAMWORK/GDL/EDIT/CRASH: The 2D Symbol object editing window incorrectly addressed Teamwork autoreserve which led to ARCHICAD crashing.
246855 USER INTERFACE/EDIT/SPEED: Slow performance with cursor operations was a result of the snap point option setting "Between Intersection Points.
248304 USER INTERFACE: File dialog controls were missing on Hebrew/Farsi windows.

Recommended Operating Systems:
- Windows 10

Compatible, but not tested Operating Systems:
- Windows 8.1
- Windows 8
- Windows 7



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