iChemLabs Products 2016.1

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iChemLabs Products 2016.1

iChemLabs Products 2016.1

iChemLabs Products 2016.1 | 899.6 mb

iChemLabs, the developer of the popular ChemDoodle chemical drawing program, and Royal Society of Chemistry's ChemSpider, a leading provider of chemical services and data on the internet, has released new versions of ChemDoodle and ChemDoodle 3D is a scientific visualization platform with a focus on user customizability and universal support.
ChemDoodle 8.0.1

If you are looking for a chemical sketcher or an alternative to your current chemical drawing application, there is no better choice than ChemDoodle. ChemDoodle works on all operating systems (both 32 and 64 bit), has one of the largest feature sets in the industry, has the most customizable graphics, pastes scalable vector graphics and provides round trip editing into Microsoft Office, iWork and OpenOffice (among others), and can read and write all of our competitors' formats. This is in addition to our web and mobile ChemDoodle extensions!

New features in ChemDoodle 8.0.1:

- The graphics system has been improved even beyond current industry standards for graphics. Every bond merge and pixel was scrutinized. Chemical structures have never looked better. ChemDoodle provides the best graphics in chemistry, everything else is a waste of money.
- Major IUPAC naming improvements, including very advanced ring systems.
- Full support for Retina display Macs and support for high-DPI Windows hardware.
- A new query structure system for defining sets of molecules and for searching partner services.
- New powerful tools for drawing arbitrary rings and crown ethers to atoms and bonds.
- Superscript and subscript merging to easily create atomic notations and other chemical text.
- More specific cleaning tool for adjusting only a selection of a structure.
- Text output options and improvements for EPS and SVG files in addition to PDF.
- A dramatically improved Templates widget with new and more aesthetic templates.
- Read in NTUPLES (multiple spectra) from JCAMP files.
- Added support for both the SketchEl (el) and Crystallographic Information Format (cif) filetypes.
- More support for working with the ChemDoodle Web Components.
- Dozens of new BioArt graphics.
- Performance improvements for faster work.
- Dozens more new features: two new bond types, implicit hydrogen control, automatic IUPAC locant labelling, vastly improved condensed labels, search files based on query structures, recursive SMARTS, metric support for document aids and rulers, a new precise form for scaling a specific bond, many interface improvements and so much more.

iChemLabs Products 2016.1

ChemDoodle 3D version 2.0.1

ChemDoodle 3D is a scientific visualization platform with a focus on user customizability and universal support. Just like its 2D counterpart, all of the graphics are fully customizable and controllable. The large feature set is well organized for intuitive access and we develop ChemDoodle 3D to work with the vast majority of graphics cards in use. So no need to worry about long installation procedures or having to purchase specific hardware. You will not be disappointed with how easy it is to get started and produce results with ChemDoodle 3D!

New features in ChemDoodle 3D version 2.0.1:

- Full Retina display support on Mac OS X.
- Support for high DPI Windows hardware.
- The visual specifications of the scene can now be applied to selected content, or individual objects, as opposed to the entire scene. Right-click on objects and select the Format... menu item to show visual options for that object. New representation quick buttons are now available for modifying residue atoms and bonds, ribbon models and nucleic acid models in addition to non-residue atoms and bonds.
- Protein and nucleic acid information can now be loaded from PDB files. Ribbon, trace and tube models can be generated for proteins. Ladder models can be generated for nucleic acids. The models are fully customizable. Control dimensions, alpha helix widths, coloring and more. Both B-spline and Catmull-Rom splines can be used to generate models. Water can be displayed as stars. Residue atoms can be controlled separately from hetatoms. Load PDB files by PDB id.
- Periodic data can now be loaded from CIF files. Unit cells of any geometry are resolved. Functions for periodic systems will be provided in the Periodic menu. Build supercells.
- An advanced selection system has been implemented. Select, deselect and reselect content. Select all, next molecule, inverse and by SMARTS. Use the new selection mode to select content or use the selection window to list the contents of the scene and select the content you wish to work with. The selection window is very advanced and will show you what you are currently hovering.
- Fogging can now be defined in scenes using linear, exp1 or exp2 algorithms. Fog color can be defined as well as fog ranges.
- A compass can be added on the bottom left of the scene or through the camera's origin.
- 3D scenes can now be printed.
- Added quick quality options in the View menu to quickly switch between a range of higher and lower quality rendering settings to allow you to improve graphics or performance.
- Image export now allows for transparent backgrounds in capable image types. This allows you to easily use ChemDoodle 3D generated graphics in various media with custom backgrounds.
- Many new smaller features: added an option to remove shadows from text, added projection menu items, certified the correct 3D stereochemistry is generated from 2D drawings, picking can now handle any number of objects, and more.
- Updated to support ChemDoodle Web Components v7. Shapes can now be read/written using ChemDoodle JSON.
- Your iChemLabs account can now be accessed from ChemDoodle 3D. ChemDoodle 3D customers receive a free account for accessing ChemDoodle Mobile. If you also have ChemDoodle desktop, this is the same account.
- Dozens more improvements and additions.

iChemLabs Products 2016.1

About iChemLabs, LLC.

iChemLabs, LLC. is a scientific software company specializing in all forms of computational chemistry including NMR simulation, chemical visualization, and chemical informatics. iChemLabs provides expertise in desktop, mobile and web based technologies for both consulting and custom development.

Name: iChemLabs Products
Version: 2016.1 Suite
Home: www.ichemlabs.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows / Linux / Macosx
Size: 899.6 mb


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